Our range of products

We produce customized quality control samples and reference materials for virus diagnostics and other areas of laboratory diagnostics.

In the production of these control samples, the focus is on samples for interlaboratory comparisons, but also on internal controls for orientation, comparison and for training.

Quality control

We produce external quality control samples for appropriately accredited institutions, but also internal quality control samples (RUO) according to your requirements.

Our samples are:

  • manufactured according to the current state of science and technology
  • adapted in their matrix properties to those of samples in routine diagnostics
  • whole workflow samples hat simulate clinical specimes
  • adapted to the respective current clinical/epidemiological situation
  • fit-for-purpose
  • for use in commercial and self-produced/in-house tests 
  • guaranteed to be stable and homogeneous
  • commutable and cross-platform compatible

Customized samples

Get your sample in any conceivable configuration and always in high quality – in regard to the composition and the documentation. Our team will quide you with high expertise in any question prior to, during and after the preparation of the samples.

Benefit from:

  • well defined and standardised control samples that provide guidance within various testing and comparative analyses
  • our tailor-made solutions for your project requirements
  • our reliable services at all levels of the product cycle


Many years of scientific and practical expertise and a qualified team enable us to share our know-how and experience with others and to develop innovative ideas, processes and products.

Is it quality control samples? We advise on the planning, manufacturing as well as on the evaluation of the data 

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