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If you are in search of specific samples that simplify your daily laboratory tasks and assist in addressing particular inquiries, we can help. Enhancing processes or training staff, validating tests when materials are scarce—reach out to us. We will source the sample that meets your needs.

Our products at a glance

                                                             - products are for research use only -

“Train yourself products” Internal controls for orientation, comparison and training

"Challenge products” 
External quality control for accreditated institutions

product types


daily check

  • run controls
  • screen controls
  • mutiple analyte products
  • quant controls for viral load assays
  • reference samples


  • sensitivity and specificity panels
  • dilution panels
  • linearity panels for viral load assays
  • genotyping/suptyping & resistance panels



  • EQAS controls
  • run controls
  • screen controls
  • mutiple analyte products 
  • Sensitivity and specificity panels
  • quant controls for viral load essays 
  • linearity panels 

We offer customization and individual consulting for our products. In addition, we provide a large collection of existing products.




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An approval of the Ethics Committee of the Berlin Medical Association (Berliner Ärztekammer) with the number Eth-16/23 is obtained for our activities for the preparation of quality control and reference samples.



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