Our products at a glance

                                                             - products are for research use only -

“Train yourself products” Internal controls for orientation, comparison and training

  • run controls
  • screen controls
  • mutiple analyte products
  • quant controls for viral load assays
  • reference samples


  • sensitivity and specificity panels
  • dilution panels
  • linearity panels for viral load assays
  • genotyping/suptyping & resistance panels



We offer customization and individual consulting for our products. In addition, we provide a large collection of existing products..

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An approval of the Ethics Committee of the Berlin Medical Association (Berliner Ärztekammer) with the number Eth-16/23 is obtained for our activities for the preparation of quality control and reference samples.



"Challenge products” 
External quality control for accreditated institutions

  • EQAS controls
  • run controls
  • screen controls
  • mutiple analyte products 
  • Sensitivity and specificity panels
  • quant controls for viral load essays 
  • linearity panels